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Teaching under the guidance of master instructor Bertrand Ravoux

Teaching under the guidance of master instructor Bertrand Ravoux


Légèreté is not a difficult method to understand as it follows the nature of the horse.  It does, however, contain numerous details. How can a complete education exist otherwise? A horse's and rider's understanding of every concept is crucial in meaningful progress.  That is why it is extremely helpful to study with an instructor of the method.  And don't worry, it applies equally to all disciplines, levels of riding and breeds.


Private or semi private lessons are the best way to get the "hands on" instruction that is vital to learning the technique along with the feel/timing of the aids. Because of my schedule I have limited lesson spots.  Private lessons are $50 for 50 minutes.  Semi-private (2-3 riders) is $75 for 50 minutes.  

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Starting the education of young horses, clarifying fear or confusion in horse or rider, advancing the education of any horse...these can be effectively addressed with time spent in training.  I can only take up to 3 horses at a time in training because of the time and concentration involved in each horse's program as well as my travel/teaching schedule.   They have 4-5 sessions per week, board is included.  The average fee is $800 per month.  (Riding time and board are charged separately.)  I maintain a waiting list as I often have more requests for training than I can accommodate.


If you live too far away to come into regular lessons and still want to explore Legerete, scheduling or attending a clinic is an excellent option for you.  There are clinics scheduled by clubs and groups of individuals in various locations throughout the year.  Willow Grove hosts Master Instructor Bertrand Ravoux 3 times per year as well as monthly clinics from April-October.  Clinics involve group and individual activities and theory lectures to clarify techniques and methods (the "whys" behind things we work on.)  

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Every success story contains a team of talented people and my story is no different! I have been fortunate to work with these professionals and can heartily recommend their services for your needs!

Equine Body Balance Adrienne Hendricks Saddlery Suzie Fletcher-Master Saddler Idaho Equine Hospital

Check out the “Levade,” a handmade saddle with the classical equestrian in mind! (A team project between Suzie Fletcher, Adrienne Hendricks and Linda)