Artistry • Antiquity • Nobility

The "Levade"

the “Levade”

An artisan saddle for artisan riding

The pinnacle of the ancient masters. The ultimate expression of the mindful education of the horse. Above all movements, the levade exhibits complete calm, power, and balance.
It takes years to bring a horse to levade. It took years of study, riding, and an unshakeable ethos to bring you this saddle.


Space in the design for the freedom and support of the horse’s back and shoulders. An open seat. A slightly forward flap with modest blocks for the freedom of the rider. Made one at a time to your specifications and the needs of your horse by UK Master Saddler Suzie Fletcher. Maintained and supported by US Saddlemaker Adrienne Hendricks. Continued design feedback from ardent classicist and Licensed Instructor Linda Kaye Hollingsworth-Jones.
Freedom and comfort for you. Freedom and comfort for your horse

All of the leather used on Suzie’s saddles is full grain. Each piece is personally selected by Suzie from her European suppliers with whom she has partnered for 40 plus years.
The tree-British manufactured laminated Beechwood with an open head to allow maximum wither and shoulder freedom and a medium cantle height.
Flocking-100% pure wool.
The panels underneath the saddle are serge, chosen for its immediate warmth on the horse’s back, breathability and flexibility upon compression during movement,
the ease in which it follows the back of the horse, and access for exacting adjustment of the flocking.
Open through the channel to set the panels clearly on either side of the spine for comfort and unblocked articulation of the back.
Crafted exclusively, one at a time with full custom options by Suzie Fletcher, Master Saddler.

“I’ve finally found a ‘go to’ saddle that allows me the freedom to ride without being forced into position. My leg can fall naturally, I can fully feel my horse and I can move with him. The horse is comfortable and confident under me.
I am finally able to be much more balanced and effective. I can even shorten my stirrups and jump! It’s unlike any other saddle I’ve ridden in! -Linda Kaye Hollingsworth-Jones

Available exclusively through Adrienne Hendricks Saddlery